Getting our Paint On for Rebecca

My sister and I are very close, though since my move to the AZ desert from Marin Co. California, not as geographically close as I’d hope to be, especially now.

2 months after I moved she was diagnosed with breast Cancer, which had also spread to her lymph nodes. She was a trooper through the surgery in October and now is waiting to more results to meet with her medical team and lay out the best plan of action for her recovery; chemo, radiation, et al. The cancers were staged at 2 and 3D………

What does this has to do with painting you may ask? Well, a lot, painting is extremely therapeutic

And a wonderful way to bring friends/community together. My sister was mentioning how everyone is so helpful, she has a stellar group of loving, kind and caring women friends; all helping with her 3 children, meals, housework, driving my mom the airport, you name it: BUT Rebecca was saying one night as we spoke on the phone how it’s just lovely, but NOT fun and a constant reminder that she has cancer and her new normal is not the normal she, or anyone would ever wish for, right?

So, I say, let’s have some fun! (A necessary distraction for all……even though it’s a taxing chore to get out of the house for her) You have a go fund me page, let’s do a fundraiser and give back with a take home masterpiece and some time for your family and friends to find that way to help, because they ask but sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what to “do”, and also have some time to enjoy the creative process of painting and enjoying time with one another. A win-win.

Here is a photo of the finished pieces! It was so much fun!

If you would like to donate

Here is the Linkto Rebecca’s go Fund Me page.

Sign up for future events and emails Here (go to bottom of web page and add your email @ “be in the know”)

Blessings and keep on creating,


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