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From the Arizona Desert to San Francisco-and quite a few places in between.

Hyde Art + Design.

Amelia Hyde, is a lover and influencer of art and design, and balance, with a passion for humanity; her appreciation for these and her creative genius grew over the years, with inspirational journeys to far corners of the world and exposure to high-end furniture and flea markets in the Parisian arts district she took those influences and created, procured and operated successful Interior Design showrooms in Miami and San Francisco, and has been published in shelter magazines and fine art magazines.

Her passion for the arts garnered the Amelia Hyde Gallery in San Francisco in a posh bespoke loft above the furniture showroom she also procured. Exhibiting talented local, emerging, established, formal and low-brow artists, including her son, Max Hyde's debut, was a vehicle, she felt, of necessity; a gallery for patrons to ENJOY and interact with art on their own, comfortable terms.....her extensive travels and studies from Norway to India and lands in between she also brings a way of life with her that is soulful, worldly, happy and infused; the inspired sense of creativity, making paint pARTies hip fun and masterpieces, she also has supreme style and the ability to capture space, energy and apply the aesthetics for your lifestyle and personality, all uniquely your own by Hyde.

  • Be it a paint night event
  • an entirely new home
  • a meditation space
  • a new room for your baby
  • or a birthday event you and/or your child will always remember
  • a corporate team building event

We are committed to your enjoyment and look forward to creating that magic in your life!

With gratitude and love,


Amelia lives aboard a vintage houseboat on the beautiful waters of Sausalito with her daughter and two rescue dogs. Currently undergoing treatment for Stage 2 Cancer you may likely spot her baldly walking her dogs, riding bikes with her daughter or in her spare time she loves to paint, curate vintage items,  travel to visit her son in Maine, socialize with friends and family, and though somewhat slowed down by treatment she loves the beach and hopes to get back to surfing soon.